Omer Imran Malik

Omer Imran Malik is an Associate at the Law & Policy Chambers specializing in strategic litigation,  human rights advocacy and public policy work. A graduate of the LUMS Shaikh Ahmed Hassan School of Law, Omer started his legal practice as an Associate at the renowned firm Mandviwalla and Zafar. He worked closely with Syed Ali Zafar, senior Partner. In 2018, Omer moved on to join the Law and Policy Chambers where he assists Umer Ijaz Gilani.

As part of his responsibilities at the Law & Policy Chambers, Omer is handling numerous high stakes cases before the Islamabad District Courts, the High Courts and the Supreme Court of Pakistan. He has worked on Constitution Petition No. 5 of 2018 (a petition before the Supreme Court of Pakistan involving defeating delays in the civil litigation system in Pakistan), Nayatel Appeal (A case involving corporate bonded labor), the Telecom Shutdowns Appeal (a case involving illegal mobile network shutdowns), the Mahera Sajid case (a case involving state liability for incidents of enforced disappearances), the AWP website case (a case involving the illegal shutdown of a website of a political party by the Government of Pakistan) along with many others.

Omer has also recently drafted several legislative bills, the most notable being a Small Claims Court Amendment Bill which has been submitted to the Ministry of Law for consideration and a Bill seeking to prevent and criminalize Enforced Disappearances in Pakistan. Along with legislative drafting, Omer has also participated in a UN project mapping transgender rights in Pakistan. He is also involved in various consultancies with NGOs and other organizations on public interest matters, most notably he is engaged in a long term consultancy with Media Matters for Democracy for a Data Protection Law in Pakistan. 

Omer has also written op-eds and legal articles quite intensively for legal blogs and eminent national publications. A list of his publications are given below:
‘Panama Case and Reconstructing the Ideals of Justice’ <> Courting the Law (Published on April 26th 2017)

‘Custodial torture in Pakistan during ticking time bombs: an inconvenient reality - a case for realistic jurisprudence’ <>
The Human Rights Review Vol. IV by University College Lahore and the American Bar Association (Published on July 6th 2017)

‘The Need To Develop Constitutional Torts In Pakistan’ <> Courting the Law (Published on February 20th 2018)

‘Summary of Asia Bibi v. State (Judgement)’
<> Law Students’ Council (Published on November 15th 2018)
‘Too little, too late’
<> Dawn
(Published on February 4th 2019)
‘Online Freedoms’
<> Dawn
(Published on April 3rd 2019)