Syed Bulent Sohail

Syed Bulent Sohail is an Associate Partner at Hassan and Hassan Advocates and Vice President of Continuing Legal Education Institute of Pakistan. He is a Consultant at the Law and Policy Chambers and provides services on a project-by-project basis. His area of expertise is corporate law and commercial transactions. He serves on the panel of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan and has, over the last decade, serviced some of the largest corporations in Pakistan.

After completing his education in Canada at Queen's University (BA) and the University of New Brunswick (LLB), Mr. Sohail returned to Pakistan in 2004 and joined the prestigious law firm Orr, Dignam & Co. at its Karachi office. During his time at the Firm, Mr. Sohail completed his Post-Graduate Diploma in Law (PGDL) from the United Kingdom. In 2014, Mr. Sohail moved to Islamabad and is presently an Associate Partner at Hassan and Hassan Advocates where he handles high-stakes commercial transactions and advisory work. Most recently, Mr. Sohail oversaw the merger of the country's various stock exchanges and the formation of Pakistan Stock Exchange.

Mr. Sohail is also co-founder and Vice President of  Continuing Legal Education Institute of Pakistan. Despite being a busy practitioner, Mr. Sohail has published widely and has contributed several articles, papers and book chapters for local as well as international legal journals and reviews.